This time I’m voting

The year 2019 promises to be a pivotal year as the stakes weighing on the
future of Europe and our societies are important (crisis linked to Brexit, rejection of the European institutions, rise of populism, migration crisis and especially ecological and climatic crisis).
It is in a tense context that the European elections will take place in May
2019: risk of participation, mistrust of citizens to the European institutions,
temptation of identity withdrawal.

Faced with this context, solutions are more than ever to build with European youth. The success of the Erasmus program has shown that young Europeans are very interested in mobility in Europe. They are the main actors in creating links between the different parts of Europe and its inhabitants. It is on this basis that the European Commission wished to support youth initiatives aimed at encouraging the participation of young people in European public life, as well as cross-border exchanges and mobility activities; through the European Youth Together Call for Proposals.

In response, a group of 80 young Europeans, engaged in 16 organizations
of 14 different European nationalities, decided to act through the ROOF project. These 80 young people will travel across Europe by bike, meet citizens and stimulate them to vote.

Watch video promoting participation to EU elections in Swedish, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Estonian, Czech, Latvian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Hungarian.

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