The team from Estonia

Also Estonia has a wonderful team, representing the organization MTÜ, ready to go across Europe to promote active citizenship and participation to the next EU elections!

Erlend Arras – Hello lovers! I’m an Estonian team leader Erlend.  The upcoming project represents VALUES that I myself happen to care for deeply and also see as inevitable part of our future mindset at a global scale. The importance of environmental awareness and just caring about what happens around you (and by that I mean farther than in your own backyard) to name a few. I see the upcoming project as a challenging but at the same time really fun way to point out these issues in our society. 

Tristan Tibar – Greetings carbon based life forms. My name is Tristan and I’m from Estonia. I’ve been studying Sustainable development for three years and i do wish the topics associated with sustainable development to be represented in the EU parliament. The ROOF project also includes cycling and spending time in nature which makes the project perfect for me.

Katrin Helen Kasvandik – Hey! I’m Katrin! I’m 20 year old freshmen in univeristy studying politics and goverment studies. I took notice of this project because I like challeging myself. For example in my free time I like to participate in 24 hour hikes and mud races etc. Any challeging sport sounds like a lot of fun! The topic of promoting European Parlament elections so a lot more people would vote  is really important too! As one person once said: “Voting is the only way to make change in democracy.”

Rasmus Varvik – Hello, my name is Rasmus, I’m a proud member of the Estonian team. I am a very active person, I have done sports and competed in all kinds of competitions since I can remember. Active lifestyle has been everything to me and also travelling. I have worked and lived abroad for 3,5 years and travelled in all corners of the world – hiking in Hawaii, snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef, discovering waterfalls in Asia, road trip the whole east coast of Australia while sleeping in the back of my car, riding camels in Sahara desert etc. I heard about this project from my friend and I was instantly intrigued by the idea of biking through Europe. I thought it would be a great challenge for me and at the same time I’m doing it for a bigger cause, not just for myself.

Hannariin Lamp – Hey, my name is Hannariin. I would describe myself as a do-it-all girl, I like to try out as different things as possible, because it gives me excitement and and satisfies my adventurous soul. I joined this youth exchange because it seemed a once in a lifetime challenge I would be honoured to be a part in. On a bike for 3 weeks with a group of other youngsters who bike for the same cause, and seek an active lifestyle like me, seems awesome, right? I believe in the importance of Europe and am really greatful to have all those great Erasmus projects for us. Let’s bike!

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