The Czech team

The Czech team proudly presents itself! A group of young people having Karel as a leader. Here you can read a short presentation.

Vít Votroubek

Hi, my name is Vítek. In my life, I like combining art with technology. There is a parallel with a project ROOF in the frame based on values of European Union combined with technical competencies gained during cycling itself. The biking is my big passion and symbolizes also for me the importance of freedom — same as the independence of art and possibility to empower the creativity. I consider the project ROOF as a significant chance to promote this freedom and passion in biking together with other values of European Union. Therefore, as a member of Czech team, I am prepared to represent my country and contribute to spreading awareness about coming may european elections.

Michael Studenič

Hi, my name is Michael. This project really caught my attention because it’s all about freedom and that for me, is one of the most important values. I love being free, exploring new places and being able to do what I want to do. I also like that this project tries to connect with something more important and it’s more than just simple biking from point A to point B. That’s why I decided to apply and join this project.

Kateřina Řmotová

Hello, my name is Kateřina. For me the most important thing is being alive. Sport and moving help me to be present at each moment. I really like to overcome myself in different ways. The project ROOF offers to me new opportunities to look into myself, at the others, the situation in Europe and realitionships between the states in EU.

Lucia Urbanová

My being is love, my nature is protective and I do value freedom. Not only mine, but everybody’s freedom (especially those who I can find connection with). I find the EU parliament election as one of the important tools for us to get a freedom and that’s my biggest motivation.

Karel Janásek

Hello, I am Karel, I am 27 years old, I love sports, active lifestyle and I am trying my best to be active citizen. I will be the leader of the Czech team and I want to do my best to make this project successful, to motivate our fellow citizens to participate in the upcoming elections and to make this project a nice learning experience for everyone. See you on the road!

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