Team Netherlands

We are proud to introduce you the Team from the Netherlands being sent by the partner organization ILA, participating in the Exchange 2.


Hi! I’m Luca, a 22 year old student Product Design living in Utrecht, Netherlands. My main interest is the social side of sustainable development. I think from that point of view, this project is amazing to join. I love meeting new people and traveling by bike. In my spare time I am mainly skateboarding, surfing and building stuff. I’m very excited for this adventure and can’t wait for it to start.


My name is Dajana and I have been involved in the youth work and volunteering ever since 2007. I love sports and especially kick boxing. Biking is my hobby. Besides one of my biggest motivations to join this project is that I believe in the European citizenship and democracy. I believe that we young people can make tromendous differences in our socities. I believe that we could make differences and that we could stimulate and spread demdemocracy and european citizneship and values.


I ask my friends how they will describe me. They will mention an active curious person that don’t like to step in a routine and will create an atmosphere where people will share and listen to each other stories. I see this a good add-on to the other participants of ROOF and start to uncover Europe’s singularity by slow active travelling.  I have the interest to be engage in small communities in urban or rural areas to discuss topics like European citizenship and being individually responsible for a sustainable society.


I am Johannes, an Austrian reject, joining horses with the Dutch team. Why so? I seek to enjoy the company of the bunch, plus biking is a habit-turned-hobby of mine. Borders are the result of historical happenstance and will hopefully be even less of a limiting factor in future. As the world we live in gets progressively more globalized I think it is essential to foster intercultural communication because many conflicts are caused by lack thereof. The ROOF might be a good occasion to connect with our European neighbors. In my opinion EU has great and unique potential to improve the status quo of digital technology, via both policy and innovation proper. This also requires lots of communication to elicit problems and possible solutions. The project’s goal to make citizens voice heard enables that.


I’m Sanne (22), and I am currently spending my time exploring Europe (soon I will go beyond!) and learning more languages, as I have finished my study on English linguistics and I only want to learn more. I love being around people and experiencing different cultures, which is also why I am interested in this project. I would like to learn more about the workings of the EU too, because I would like to have more political knowledge.

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