Romanian Team

Romania is one of the 14 countries participating in our project. Here we introduce the team from ATIC, our Romanian partner organization.


My name is Gabriel and I am passionate about volunteer and to work with young people. Outside volunteer I am highly interested in travelling. It is the one activity that, gives me the thrill of discovering something completely new and exciting. I am captivated by every region I visit because every single one has exceptional traditions and history which mark each place as being unique in the world.


I like sports in nature, both running and pedaling on the mountain, especially at the level of competition (nothing compares with the after party). I’m passionate about photography, videography.


I am passionate about sports, especially mountain biking, running on the mountain, I get to participate in competitions and events that promote sport.


The sport is my biggest passion and the list of sports that I practice is even bigger. Biking is one of them and is even more then that, is my favorite choice of transportation daily. Loving to travel and meeting new people, I’m extremely excited about our great adventure on two wheels.


I am a traveler and always looking for new places to discover. I love sports, especially to run marathons and to hike in the mountains. Since I was a kid I used to ride the bike almost everyday. I am open for new challenges.

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