Associazione Culturale Link (Italy)

Link is a youth organization active since 2003 in Puglia, promotes youth mobility projects: exchanges, European Voluntary Service,training courses, seminars. Link has carried out projects with various actions of the Erasmus+ and other European programs (LLP, Europe for Citizens). Link has benefited on several occasions from structural funds as an informal European network, has several dozens of partners throughout Europe and has created over the years a vast territorial network that includes voluntary organizations, local authorities, schools in Puglia and Basilicata and other Italian regions. Link is one of the founding members of the Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo (RIVE) From 2016 it manages the municipal media library of Irsina.

Associazione Basilicata Link (Italy)

Basilicata Link operates since 2012 in Basilicata, developing projects on cultural, educational and environmental themes. The organization intends to strengthen the participation of local young people in decision-making, active citizenship, European issues, participation and innovation. B-Link promotes international youth mobility and volunteering, non formal education and animation. Cooperation has been strengthened in the last year in preparation for the Matera 2019 activity program of the European Capital of Culture. In 2016 he organized in cooperation with the French association Écoo the first cycling project between France and Italy and is preparing to hosted the second EcoBikeTour in Basilicata in July 2018.

ATIC – Asociația Tinerilor cu Initiativa Civica (Romania)

Asociația Tinerilor cu Initiativa Civica (Association of Youth with Civic Initiative) is a youth organization, apolitical, NGO that aims to drive the development of the Romanian society attracting young people towards active citizenship and promoting the local and national cultural values. A.T.I.C. was established in 2016 in Galați by a group of young people in order to contribute to the social and personal development of local youth. We are active in our community – working with children and youth from placement homes, poor families, unemployed and facing other social problems. One of our main objectives is the inclusion of local disadvantaged youth through different methods, such as sport, music, theatre, dance and painting. In order to realize our objectives, we cooperate with families, local authorities, primary schools, high schools and universities and we develop projects with them.Despite the fact we are a young organization, the key staff is very experienced in the NGO zone and Erasmus+ program, working in the field for more than 4 years, with very good results, in different positions and departments, among the local NGOs. Facebook page

Écoo, France

Created in 2010, “Écoo: écologie, économie, coopération” is a non-profit association whose objective is the protection of the environment, the promotion of the social, sustainable and inclusive economy. The association functions as a permanent laboratory, an awareness tool with projects to promote sustainable development, allowing groups of young people to take action by appropriating issues such as environment, economy and the social challenges. In 2016, a member of the association was in Italy to develop his Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project and, in partnership with the Basilicata Link, developed an itinerant cycling exchange between Italy and France entitled “Écoo Tour”.

Europerspektiva (Croatia)

Euro Perspektiva  association is established by a number of experts with a goal to offer a support, help, services and counselling in the area of civil society and democratic institutions development, civil values, and non-formal education for all citizens (especially for young people). Euro Perspektiva organizes events (round tables, debates, seminars and workshops) about activism, education, promotion and exchange regarding human rights, development of local, regional, European and international cooperation. Euro Perspektiva especially promotes development of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development (of civil society). The aim of the organization is to facilitate the communitarian European integration, and promote the knowledge of the European culture among the young people, in particular, and of all the citizens, in general. Our goals are also to develop cultural, democratic, social and ecological conscience among youth, to encourage cooperation of young people with different interests and activities, and to increase influence of young people on the local community.

Föreningen Framtidståget, Sweden

The Föreningen Framtidståget Association was founded in 1997. We are an idea-oriented and professional company with the focus of man. We do psycho social work and want to contribute to social benefits and be a creative force in treatment and change work.

Our treatment programs are based on strong research support. We work with methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, schedule therapy and motivational conversations and other evidence-based treatment methods.

Our therapists have basic psychotherapy training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We are social workers, play. psychologist, alcohol and drug therapists and MI advisors. We also have special language and cultural competence.

Ifjúsági Szolgáltatók Országos Szövetsége(Hungary)

The organisation is acting as umbrella for youth services, youth information centres, youth clubs, and children and youth councils. We have created a network; where our members can work together. We aim to professionalise youth work. Our projects are creating a country wide dialogue in the youth organizational sector with enlarging already existing and creating new cooperation. The Consultation of the Cooperation of Professional Youth-Sector Workers that is created by non-governmental co-operations based on professional approach of youth questions and issues, together with the National Youth Council of Hungary is initiating the creation of Youth Roundtable as a permanent conciliatory non-governmental and governmental forum. We keep in touch with local, regional, national, foreign and European Union institutions, authorities and organisations.

International Labor Association (Netherlands)

International Labour Association (ILA) is an NGO that provides mechanisms to facilitate knowledge and experience transfer among sectors and countries and carries out national and international training, research and consultancy projects on employment, entrepreneurship, vocational qualification, migration, volunteering, youth work and labour relations.

Intercultura (France)

Since its creation in 2000, the Intercultura association organized many projects in line with our goals of promoting intercultural learning and human rights education in popular education goals and international solidarity. We have developed, implemented, participated in various European programs like: Grundtvig, Citizenship, Leonardo, Youth in Action (Exchange, Training, Networking, …). This experience has also helped to create a strong and stable partnership with many partners , with the effect of the constant improvement of our practices , strengthen the links and consistency between our actions and our practices from our experiences to the emergence of new project ideas. Our methods, our practice sound each time improved, enriched by our projects, new members , trainings where our members participate. For years, international partnerships have been set up within the framework of various projects related to youth and promoting inter- cultural encounters Together, these young people have overcome their cultural performances, they were able to discuss, understand, and create new projects. Intercultura develops and publishes educational materials and educational games. In 2015 Intercultura got accreditation by the French national agency to host and send volunteers in the frame of EVS and will start sending and hosting in September.

International Exchanges Berlin (Germany)

International Exchanges Berlin (IEB) is a cultural and educational organization based in Berlin active in the field of mobility programmes at local, regional, national, European and international level. IEB is responsible for vocational education and training for learners, school staff, apprentices and job-seekers and promotes their professional, cultural and personal knowledge. IEB develops also activities and projects addressed at people with migration and immigration background with the aim to foster their integration and social inclusion in the EU-countries. IEB is applicant of and partner for mobility projects in cooperation with several German, European and international educational institutions and companies with the aim to support vocational education through internships and trainings for students, trainees, teachers and professionals locally and abroad.

La Vibria Intercultural (Spain)

La Víbria was founded in 2003 by a group of youngsters who wanted to learn new cultures and to work for tolerance and social integration throughout the world. Ever since we have been growing, each time we added some new activities and project types, both on local and international level. Its main goal is facilitating youth mobility and, through this, promoting solidarity, tolerance, non-formal and intercultural education to society. La Víbria is active in various actions of Erasmus+, hosting and sending European volunteers, participating and organizing training courses, youth exchanges and awareness rising campaigns on different topics that affect our youth. In the last 10 years, the main focus of the organization has been enhancing non-formal and informal learning experiences for the local youth and in the last few years it also tried to reach out to the rural communities in the region.

MTÜ Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (Estonia)

Created in 2011, Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (Youth for Society) is a non-governmental organization, which unites people of different age, social class, nation and interest but with the same goal: make the world of 21st century a better and friendlier to its inhabitants.
The main areas can be divided into four big groups: education, democracy, diversity and culture. Youngsters believe that these aspects are not only closely connected with the majority of youth problems, but also provide a wide space for growth, innovational thinking and creativity, which can be accumulated firstly by youngsters. Members of Youth for Society do not only organise projects and events, but also participate in local youth, student and school councils, because democracy begins not with election but from participation and responsibility. The main moto of Youth for Society is “Good for society – good for us”. Youngsters create a better world not just in the name of faceless “everybody”, but in the name of their friends and family, in the name of the future generation.

Radi Vidi Pats (Latvia)

Radi Vidi Pats is 12 years old organization. It started as an association that works with topics related environmental education for youngsters but slowly and very naturally we have grown into the social sphere as well. Of course, sustainability, alternative and DIY life style still is our fundamentals, and bicycle is our main tool in communication with the society, especially youngsters. Recently we have started working with youngsters in NEET situation (Not in Employment, Education or Training); this is rather a new field for us. Although socially disadvantaged youngsters have always been around and we have always been open for them and tried to involve them, we have our first project running for the past 12 months that is designed especially for them. Nevertheless, environmental topics will always be important to us and we are eager to become partners with new organizations working in this field, therefore we can gain new experiences and knowledge thus widening our horizons.Regional Cluster “North – East (Bulgaria)

Regional Cluster North-East (Bulgaria)

Regional Cluster “North – East” was established in 2012 and officially registered in 2014 as a public-private partnership. Members of The Cluster are municipalities, schools and vocational training centers, College of Tourism and Agriculture, University of Economics – Varna, Faculty of Agronomy – Varna Technical University, Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, NGOs, companies operating in the fields of industry, trade, tourism and services, agricultural producers and associations of producers, wholesale markets for fresh and processed foods etc. Regional Cluster “North – East” participates in the management of “Friends of Europe” Club, which is a NGO working in the field of children and youth. The main activities of the Club are to offer after-school trainings in the fields of culture, art, sport and European values.

The BetterMaking organization (Austria)

The BetterMaking organization Austria is an NGO founded by young people who are actively involved in youth work in 2016. The purpose of the NGO is the networking of persons of various backgrounds to promote tolerance and understanding in Europe and worldwide. The target group is people with a different social and cultural backgrounds. They are to be involved in projects on topics such as social entrepreneurship, intercultural learning, European values, anti-racism, human rights and inclusion through methods of non-formal education, but also with the involvement of other institutions, which will strengthen their abilities. One of the main focuses is the emphasis on multilingualism and linguistic diversity in Europe, including linguistic integration.

Vice Versa (Czech Republic)

Vice Versa is a newly established NGO in Prague, Czech Republic. The organization is new, but it was born from the long term experience of its founding members, who come from a background in non formal education, experiential learning and organization of international events (in the field of youth or adult education) and are active at various levels since 2002. It currently counts 3 founding members and partners, plus several followers and volunteers at the moment structured in an informal way. Its main aims and activities are to design and realize events connected with youth work, active citizenship, environmental and global education and awareness, training activities for youth and adult