Latvian team

We are proud to introduce you the Latvian team from the partner organization Radi Vidi Pats, participating in the Exchange 1.


My name is Krišjānis, I am 27 and thus, the senior of the Latvian team. However I’m always up for sharing how not to lose your inner child and being in contact with it every single day. Most of these days I spend working with topics like sustainable development, global education and responsible consumption. Thus, naturally I have been involved in several EU-wide projects that has made experience the enormous potential of working together. The darker side of this is that increasingly often I am worried about the future of our Union, which means that it’s about time we step up! Besides that – I have always been a big fan of active recreation and a big believer it can be a great learning experience.


My name is Laura (24) and I’m Latvian team leader. Equality, solidarity, integration and environmental awareness are only few of my pillars that I`m ready to share and increase through this unique experience. After living in several EU countries I have strong connection with European identity and citizenship. I`m gratefully to be part of this mission and more than ever I`m ready to spread peace and knowledge through all the Europe.


Hello. My name is Anna and i’m a member from Latvian team. I would describe myself as an adventurous person who really enjoys all forms of movement ( starting from hitchhiking and ending with running) . Since I started my Erasmus project journeys I have already met so many inspiring young people, and I really believe in the power of EU youth. After all this project includes both – values which are important to me and a challenging jorney. I’m super excited to be part of the ROOF.


Heya! My name is Pēteris and I am proud to be a member of Latvian ROOF team. I am  a recent graduate of wooden architecture/arts restoration. Everyday bike lover, envoiermentalist, horder, ceramic artist. Movement theatre, improvisation and all sorts of contemporary circus enthusiast.  I’ve been involved in quite a few EU projects and met so many incredible people and friends all around, seen the power of youth and freedom inside of us that we spread.


“Amanda – 23 years old, recent graduate, adventure seeker and an environmental enthusiast, optimist and an active lifestyle lover. In my everyday life try to live with respect and love of environment regarding my actions. I do agree and follow the idea that “life is a journey and not a destination, so lets enjoy the ride” of our lives! I have spent last 5 months following one of my dreams and love of snowboarding and mountains by living in the Alps, and I`m ready for my next challenge. And not to mention – truly proud to be European! “

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