About ROOF

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The project ROOF – Roots of our Future aims to disseminate information on the European Union and the European institutions and to encourage citizens to participate in the 2019 European elections .

ROOF intends to promote discussions and structured dialogue along the paths of mobility actions (youth exchanges) in order to stimulate active participation in political life, create networks and stimulate involvement in international mobility projects.

The project also aims to gather citizens’ opinions on the future of the Union, create new networks and reinforce existing ones, place the theme of sustainable mobility and environmental issues and the protection of heritage at the center of the political agenda and promote dialogue.

ROOF project is supported by Erasmus+ program, granted by EACEA under the call European Youth Together EACEA/16/2018, Key Action 3, Support for policy reform.


The project includes a series of 4 youth exchanges  that take place at the same time in an itinerant manner through routes that follow the EuroVelo cycling routes and combining cycling routes to train journeys. Each exchange involves the participation of 20 young people (4 plus a leader from each country) starting from 4 different corners of Europe (France, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria) and with a common destination, Prague (Czech Republic) where a meeting will take place with all participants to exchanges and one representative from each organization to evaluate mobility actions and to initiate dissemination of results. The project also includes a kick-off meeting between all partners (Bulgaria), a technical preparation meeting for mobility (France) and a final meeting in Matera (Italy) in conjunction with the closing event of the European capital of culture. Dissemination events are planned in the 15 countries involved.


ROOF involves 16 organizations from 14 countries: Link (IT), Basilicata Link (IT), Ecoo (FR), Intercultura (FR), International Exchanges Berlin (DE), LaVibria (ES), Better Making Austria (AT), Regional Cluster “North-East” (BG), Ifjúsági Szolgáltatók Országos Szövetsége (HU), ViceVersa (CZ), Noored Uhiskonna Heaks (EE), Euro Perspektiva (HR), ATIC (RO), ILA (NL), Föreningen Framtidståget (SE), Radi Vidi Pats (LV) and is aimed at participants between 18 and 30 years (exchanges) and youth workers (international meetings), as well as to the wide public of European citizens in general.


All the youth exchanges will depart on the 17th of April 2019 and arrive to Prague on the 8th of May.

Exchange 1  – from Nantes (FR).
Countries: France (Ecoo), Italy, (Basilicata Link), Romania, Latvia

Exchange 2  – from Varna (BG).
Countries: Bulgaria, Spain, Netherlands, France (Intercultura)

Exchange 3  – from Malmo (SE).
Countries: Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Hungary

Exchange 4  – from Milano (IT).
Countries: Italy (Link), Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic.