Hungarian Team

Hungary is participating with a group of young people from the organization Ifjúsági Szolgáltatók Országos Szövetsége to Youth Exchange 3. Here we present the team.

Gabor (19):

I am interested this project because I love travelling and meeting new people from different countries. I also like a challanges so when I got this chance, I absolutly was happy. I hope it will be good.

Aron (26)

I am really interested in taking part of this project. I like traveling, hiking, being in the nature and getting to know other cultures. Participating in this challenge is a great opportunity. I am glad to be part of this adventure.

Andras (25):

I can’t wait to meet you all in roof project. Always nice to learn about people and cultures. I love sports, make and listen to music, photography, books.

Léo (21)

I love nature and travelling, meeting people from others cultures, discovers from the others, hiking, skiing. I’m happy to can participate to this européen project.

Melissza (26)

I like travelling, arts, hiking in the nature, discovering new cultures, languages and traditions. I think it is very important to promote active citizenship and make Europe more colorful together!

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