German team

The German team introduces itself as well!

I am 26 years old and have just completed my studies in renewable energies. I like to travel by bike and am planning another tour from Germany to Greece this year. This project allows me to live out my hobby and at the same time give important impulses to society. Since I have benefited from the European Union all my life, I would like to convince other people of the advantages of this Union.

Fabian Can
I’m a 26 years old real estate management student from Berlin on the finishing straight. To leave my comfort zone is my daily routine. In my opinion experiences are worth more than money and that’s why I’m travelling a lot instead of sitting on a load of money. I just finished a semi-political internship but this will be my first time that I’m a active member. I’m so excited to be a part of the roof project and can’t wait to meet the other teams in Prague.

My name is Julian and I’m a 28 year old philosophy student from Berlin. I’ve been using the bicycle for commuting and daily activities throughout the entire year for more than a decade now. About three years ago I watched a documentary called ‘Pedal the World’ about a guy who turned an inexperienced, naïve idea into reality. I ended up being motivated to do something similiar and cycled from Berlin to Istanbul via the Adrian Coast and Athens about two years ago. Long story short:

Travelling with a bicycle rules – Hospitality is almost everywhere! Introducing this to and enabling this for as many people as possible in the future rules even more! The spirit of being a European, of being Europeans with each other and for each other is an incarnation of it!

I love outdoor activities and wanted to do a bicycle tour for some time. Now I have the chance to combine this with doing something positive for the European Union. To remind people of what an important achievement it is, that we have to support and sustain. So we can still go on bicycle tours through Europe in the future without needing visas and changing money for example.

I’m a sports enthusiast, like to travel and studied Computer Science, in which I’m freelancing now.
I’ve always followed politics on regional, national and international level but haven’t been active before joining this project. I’ve had the chance to study abroad through the Erasmus student exchange program which made me love the European idea even more. Now I’m glad to combine my political interest and the passion for sports!

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