Eiropas Muzeju nakts

This year Radi Vidi Pats invites you to a unique adventure as a part of European Museum night, where you will be able to find yourself in the shoes (on a bike, to be more precise) of a traveler, together with the Latvian ROOF participant team, that has just returned from a 1350 km bicycle ride crossing half of Europe.

Similarly to the courageous and incorruptible ancient hero – The trumpeter of Tālava (the theme for this years night of museums in Latvia) went for an adventure. An adventure far from home, in order to face the challenges of physical exhaustion and testing ones willpower, in order to spread the message of peace, solidarity, sharing of knowledge and most importantly – the civil responsibility of each individual. Each era has its rebels – people that chose the path less traveled and stand up for their ideas and values over any fence or stream keeping them from success. European youth, brought up with the air of EU in their lungs, are the rebels of our time – not limited by any boarders, experiencing studies and life in several EU states in order to bring home the new knowledge. They oppose outdated systems and break the spirits of those living in the past. They know what kind of world they want to see before them, and put it before any other temptations, they are the trumpeters of our time. We invite participants to see with their own eyes different parts of the ROOF experience from a first person view while taking the comfy seat of a bicycle that has been through the same route. The question at hand – what does it mean to be young and fight for the future of your country and EU, your rights and education, your health and environment? #ŠoreizEsBalsošu Thanks to Juliannas pagalms, Night of Museums in Liepāja 2019, ROOF, Erasmus+, Liepāja city department of culture, and the volunteers of RVP.

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