Backyard Bicycle Circle

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The inhabitants of Juliannas pagalms invites you to the second Backyard Bicycle Circle, which is a 12 hour non-stop bike ride through the territory of Juliannas pagalms and its surroundings.

The event is organized by the local community – inhabitants of the territory like the coordinating organization Radi Vidi Pats, bicycle workshop “Liepājas velo parks”, IT company TestDevLab, culture space “Kursas Putni” and everybody’s favorite beer cellar “Miezis un kompānija”. In addition this year you can pedal together with the participants of ROOF (Routes of our future) project, who has just returned from almost 1400 km long bike trip crossing half of Europe. You can find a detailed diary of their trip on the website of Rietumu Radio FM 105,8 where every day the Latvian participants shared with the highlights of every day as well as concerns on different EU topics. The participatory teams are preparing their equipment and muscles as you’re reading this in order to be ready to start the ride at 14:00 on May 17th and pedal all the way until 2 AM (by passing the bicycle to team members of course) in order to celebrate our privileges of free, alternative, simultaneous, united, green, regional, progressive, without hate or fear, heartfelt mobility tended towards community building and loving your neighbors. The most active riders will be rewarded with prizes from the inhabitants of Juliannas pagalms. Miezis will provide some quality beer, Kuras Putni – music & coctails, while Radi Vidi Pats will share information on different projects and green initiatives, where you can take part. If you realize that your bike is missing some spare parts – Liepājas Velo Parks is there for you. While ROOF participants will happily reward the bicyclers with souvenirs from their project. We will be joined by Terēze from the European Parliament representative office in Latvia in order to share the importance of voting on the 25. May EP elections! Join your team, fans or simply pass by during these 12 hours! Thank you in advance to the community of Juliannas pagalms, volunteers, ROOF, Erasmus+, #ŠoreizEsBalsošu, Rietumu Radio, European Parliament and many others.

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