Austrian Team

Another team ready for introducing itself. This time we present you the participants from Austria, representing the BetterMaking organization.

Liam, Sandra, Naomi, Anna, Martin


My Name is Naomi. I love being active, especially in the outdoors and I am passionate about youth empowerment and current political affairs. I wanted to be part of this project because it is about joining forces to achieve something together. It is important to make Europeans feel united and make the voice of the citizen heard. I am glad to be part of this project which represents European unity and building a future for generations to come.


A group of strangers from all over Europe are connected to together meet challenges, to together create experiences. Experiences represent an immediate way of learning – shaping attitudes while requiring full attention – presence. I wish to be curious and embrace the stranger, embrace the unknown. I want to be open-minded in order to improve each others’ understanding. This is Anna, taking the chance to support the ROOF project; as one thing that suddenly appeared in my life when I kept my eyes open, being fully awake. I look forward to make a move and to move within an intercultural framework. In a setting where community is in focus, whereas borders are out of focus. Let‘s move for Europe and beyond.


My name is Sandra, I am 28, aerospace engineer with special sensitivity for music and for making the world a better place. I am glad to participate in ROOF as it combines almost all my passions; leg-powered travelling, promoting a world without borders & intercultural adventure. I lived in many places who made me who I am today and would like to encourage young people to be active and explore!


My name is Martin and I am 28 years old. I have a 5 year old son and have been living in Vienna for 8 years. I study physical education to promote a consciousness for exercise and mobility in our complex society. Having a son has made me realzie how important it is to fight for a better future for all, especially in Europe. I wanted to be part of this project because it combines aspects I am passionate about, as well as giving me the opportunity to inspire people for a better future.


Raising awareness for an inclusive community where everybody has the chance to present their beings and cooperate to achieve a common good. An opportunity to find friends from all corners of Europe encouraging one another to go beyond boundaries. Shoulders to rely on, cultures to discover, new surroundings to perceive. A unity dreaming of a brighter future for generations to come. Hi everyone, my name is Liam and I am looking forward to contributing to the ROOF project, getting to know the people involved, finding beauty liying within diversity.

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